Programmable Decade Resistor Application Notes

  • AC Frequency Response of PRS-330 and PRS-370
  • Sample Python Code to Control the PRS-330 via GPIB
  • Remote Control of the PRS 370 via GPIB
  • Click on the link below to download the PRS-DMM Resistance Setter designed for use with the PRS-370.
    This application is written in LabView 2013 and requires the Labview 13 RTE to operate.

    PRS-DMM Resistance Main Menu
    The user inputs an array of resistances in the middle section and then presses start. The program then goes through each of the resistance in the array by doing the PRS-DMM function using a precision DMM (Fluke 8588A, 8508A or Keysight 3458A). Once it is done with one resistance, the user has to press a button that says “Next Resistance.” There is a status update that let’s the user know what it is doing at each step.
    Download: PRS-DMM Resistance
    Unzip the file and run PRS-DMM Resistance Setter application.